Murder and Manipulation: Ohio’s Horrifying Crime Story

Columbus, OH – In a chilling series of events, Rebecca Auborn, 33, has been indicted on multiple charges, including four counts of murder, following allegations of drugging and robbing men she met for sexual encounters. Auborn, who now faces a variety of charges such as involuntary manslaughter, aggravated robbery, felonious assault, and drug trafficking, has brought to light the risks lurking in Ohio’s underground sex trade.

The investigation, spearheaded by the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, began after reports surfaced of a woman in northeast Columbus engaging in sexual activities with men, only to incapacitate them with drugs to rob them of their belongings. This case underscores the often-overlooked dangers associated with illicit activities in the sex trade and has prompted a stern warning from Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost: “Don’t buy sex in Ohio — it ruins lives and could cost you yours.”

Authorities linked Auborn to a string of overdoses and thefts that commenced in December 2022. In 2023, these nefarious acts allegedly resulted in the overdose deaths of four unidentified victims, although specific details remain scarce. Auborn, who was initially apprehended on September 11, has been in the Franklin County Jail since facing these latest allegations.

One of the more prominent cases attributed to Auborn involved the death of Joseph Crumpler, 30, following an overdose in January. Responding to a distress call on Azelda Avenue, Columbus police discovered Crumpler in a dire state, leading to his subsequent death at a local hospital. During the homicide investigation, it was revealed that Auborn allegedly supplied Crumpler with narcotics that caused his overdose and subsequently stole from him while he was incapacitated.

This string of deadly encounters, fueled by a mix of narcotics and theft, paints a grim portrait of the dangers inherent in clandestine meetings arranged online or through underground networks. The Columbus Dispatch has reported chilling details, including Auborn’s admission of mixing fentanyl with crack cocaine, further amplifying the risk factor in such lethal concoctions.

As this case unfolds, it highlights the intersections of drug abuse, sex work, and criminality, provoking critical discussions about public safety and the dark underbelly of society’s less visible trades.