Mysterious Ball Washes Up On Japanese Shore

A peculiar, gigantic metal sphere has been found on a beach in Japan, leaving both the local government and citizens perplexed.

On Tuesday morning, Japanese officials blocked off a beach to investigate a large, unknown metal sphere.

This “alarming” round object was reported by a resident of Hamamatsu, a city located around 155 miles from Tokyo, who contacted the police before 9 a.m. to inform them that “a large round object had been washed ashore.”

The police stated the sphere was 4 feet in diameter and was likely made of iron due to a coating of rust.

To ensure safety, bomb disposal crews examined the ball, and officials prohibited access within 655 feet of it for most of the day.

After an X-ray scan, it was established that the object was hollow and posed no risk of explosion, resulting in the restrictions being lifted around 4 p.m.

The object has a protrusion that would allow it to be hooked onto something and looks similar to a mooring buoy, as reported by Vice News.

Although reports indicate that pictures of the metal sphere have been dispatched to Japan’s military for further examination, as it still remains a mystery.

It is said that Japanese law enforcement have requested local beach officials to collect the ball and remove it from the shore.

The sighting attracted a considerable amount of attention from television and social media, especially in light of the US shooting down a Chinese spy balloon and the occurrence of multiple unidentified objects.