Nancy Pelosi Wants to Reinstate Mask Mandates

( – In May, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) relaxed its indoor and outdoor mask guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals. The only exception involved public transportation. On Wednesday, July 14, a member of the Texas Democratic delegation who fled Texas met with Democratic members of the House before testing positive with COVID-19.

By July 19, two more individuals present at the meeting had already tested positive. One was a White House staff member and aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

While case numbers continue to rise in many states, the CDC has yet to revise its guidelines. That’s not stopping Pelosi from issuing a mask requirement of her own.

A whole week after the incident on Capitol Hill, the House Speaker said those attending an event on Wednesday evening were “expected to wear” a face covering. The House recognized its new sergeant at arms during a reception. It’s possible that the Democratic House leader could once again require members of Congress to mask up.

Pelosi’s event mandate comes amid news that President Biden and senior administration officials are also considering reinstituting face-covering guidelines. Outside of federal property and public transportation facilities, the federal government cannot mandate the public to wear a mask. If recommended by the CDC, it would be up to each state to decide its own policy.

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