Nascar Driver Arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

NASCAR stands firm on its commitment to safeguarding against domestic violence and other serious offenses, taking immediate action Monday morning to suspend driver Cody Ware indefinitely.

The 27-year-old driver was apprehended and charged with a felony count of “assault by strangulation-inflict serious injury” in addition to a misdemeanor charge of assault on a female, according to jail records from Iredell County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina. The individual was taken into custody at 10:30 a.m. and was allowed to leave the facility after a $3,000 bond was paid.

NASCAR announced an indefinite suspension of driver Chad Ware on Twitter after his arrest in connection with a domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred shortly before midnight on April 3. Ware had been absent from the NASCAR Cup Series dirt race at the Bristol Motor Speedway due to a “personal matter,” and his father’s team released a statement on Monday that he is working with authorities.

Standing 31st in the Cup standings, Ware is the first driver this season to be suspended by NASCAR for a serious offense. Domestic violence sparked national debate earlier this year, prompting NASCAR to become stricter with its regulations. The organization said it will act swiftly on reported violations, which Ware’s suspension reinforces.

Ending the statement issued by Rick Ware Racing, the team emphasized, “We understand NASCAR’s position on this matter and accept their decision.”

It should be noted that Ware is innocent until proven guilty and is not considered guilty due to the NASCAR suspension. The team added, “The matter is still under investigation, and Cody is fully cooperating with the authorities as due process takes its course.”

Distancing themselves from violence and abuse, NASCAR has drawn a line in the sand for drivers accused of domestic violence.