‘Nazi’ Sentenced for Torturing 3-Year-Old with Beatings, Shock Collar, and Cold Showers

Gustus Andrew Glen Pennington, a 27 year old man from Oklahoma, has been given six life sentences by a court in Rogers County, Oklahoma this week, due to his involvement in the methamphetamine-induced torture of his partner’s 3-year-old daughter that lasted for several days. The six sentences will be served consecutively.

According to an affidavit from Tulsa-based NBC affiliate KJRH, the child was subjected to abuse using a belt, board, and shock collar by Pennington, which was initially intended to be a disciplinary act but eventually escalated to a worse degree. After being restrained to a table and beaten, Pennington also purchased the shock collar, but it ran out of battery after two days.

The investigators observed a camera in the bedroom where the torture took place, and it was seen that the girl was forced to hold a sign that said “I am a liar.” Reports also revealed that when the victim would go to the bathroom, she was required to use a cinder block. When the police found her, the girl was described to be emotionless with bruises, cuts, and burn marks.

Her mother at first reported the abuse to the police in Collinsville, Oklahoma, and she was also charged with five counts of child abuse and one count of child neglect.
Pennington attempted to claim he was a member of the Creek Indian Tribe, in hopes of his case being transferred to federal or tribal court, however, this effort was unsuccessful.
Law enforcement also found a Nazi tattoo on Pennington and a journal with swastikas and a part of Mein Kampf, revealing his far-right political leanings. Both defendants were additionally given a 10-year sentence for one count of conspiracy.