New Details on Jamie Foxx’s Medical Emergency and Recovery

The acclaimed Oscar-winning actor, Jamie Foxx, has bounced back after recently experiencing a medical emergency. After being hospitalized for several weeks, Foxx entered a top-tier physical rehabilitation facility in the heart of Chicago to recuperate. His daughter Corinne Foxx never left his side and has since kept the public abreast of her father’s progress as he continues on the road to recovery.

Corinne clarified that Jamie had been released from the hospital several weeks prior and has continued to make great strides in a rehabilitation center.

The specific nature of Foxx’s medical emergency wasn’t specified, but the facility specializes in stroke recovery, traumatic brain injury rehab, spinal cord injury rehab, and cancer rehabilitation. Jamie recently addressed the health scare on Instagram, expressing his appreciation to everyone who had been with him through the ordeal.

In the wake of his recovery, Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne are set to host a unique game show, “We Are Family.” The show’s concept is that celebrities and their non-famous relatives will perform duets with one another while the celebrity’s identity is kept hidden. The show is set to debut sometime next year and is sure to bring excitement to audiences everywhere!

Jamie Foxx is now looking to the future – both with his rehabilitation and his new television game show venture. Working alongside his daughter Corinne, the two of them are sure to make their mark on the entertainment industry in the coming months.