NFL Announces Stricter COVID Rules Ahead of Thanksgiving

( – Few professions require intense personal contact, but professional football is certainly one of the ones that does. As Thanksgiving approaches, the National Football League (NFL) instituted several short-term COVID-19 mitigation orders to protect players. COVID outbreaks could leave teams without their star players, and forfeitures could impact the playoff chances of teams on the bubble. It’s a nightmare scenario for the multi-billion dollar league.

On Tuesday, November 16, the NFL sent out a memo to every team initiating holiday changes. After the Thanksgiving weekend, the league will require all coaches, players, and staff to undergo COVID testing on Monday and Wednesday. In addition, from November 25 to December 1, all players and staff must wear a mask inside club facilities.

To ensure everyone is playing by the rules, the NFL is requiring teams to install video cameras in weight rooms, cafeterias, outdoor training facilities, and practice bubbles, effective November 29. Teams must keep video recordings for 30 days.

The rules come as cold weather begins to settle in and people head indoors. Public health officials say that COVID-19 now poses an increased risk of infection. The NFL said that while the mitigation efforts are important, the best defense is for team staff, coaches, and players to get fully vaccinated.

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