NFL Owner Found Unconscious, Suspected Overdose

CARMEL, Indiana – Last December, Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, was discovered unconscious and struggling to breathe at his home. According to police reports, the incident, initially suspected to be an overdose, occurred in the early hours of December 8. The alarming incident shed light on Irsay’s ongoing battle with addiction.

Authorities received a distress call around 4:30 a.m., alerting them to Irsay’s dire situation. When police arrived at his Carmel residence, they found him unconscious on the bathroom floor, his skin displaying a blue hue. Though he had been relocated to his bed by the time officers arrived, Irsay continued to experience respiratory difficulties, had a weak pulse, and constricted pupils.

Initial attempts to rouse Irsay were unsuccessful, even after a sternum rub – a common method used to awaken unconscious individuals. However, the NFL owner exhibited a slight response when administered a dose of Narcan, often used to counteract the effects of opiate overdoses.

Paramedics swiftly took over the life-saving efforts before transporting Irsay to a nearby hospital for further treatment. A caregiver provided a list of medications that Irsay had been taking, though it remained unclear which substances he had consumed prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

This incident occurred roughly a month before the Colts announced on January 9 that Irsay was undergoing treatment for a severe respiratory illness. The condition had already caused him to miss a scheduled performance with his band, and his absence from public view had sparked concerns among fans and followers.

In a recent statement, the Colts expressed their confidence in Irsay’s medical care and stated his anticipation to return to the stage soon. The team also appealed for privacy for Irsay and his family as he continues his recovery.

Irsay’s openness about his struggles with addiction in the past sheds further light on this incident. In a November interview, he revealed his numerous trips to rehab, numbering over 15, and acknowledged a previous overdose during a detoxification attempt from multiple drugs.

As the investigation into the incident continues, Irsay’s health and recovery remain the central focus.