NY Teacher Arrested for Giving COVID Vaccine to Student

(TheDailyHorn.com) – The parents of a student and law enforcement officials have serious questions to ask surrounding an odd situation involving a school teacher and her student. Before you allow your mind to wander, this inappropriate situation has nothing to do with a physical relationship. In New York, a teacher allegedly gave a 17-year-old minor a COVID-19 vaccination. The authorities accuse Laura Russo of jabbing the young man at her home.

When the young man informed his parents that Russo had vaccinated him, they were not delighted by the news. They immediately called the police to inform them of the incident and told the authorities they did not give their permission or consent to inject their son with a COVID-19 vaccine.


Russo is not a medical professional, and she is not authorized by the government to administer any vaccinations. Police arrested the teacher and charged her with unauthorized practice of a profession.

The school district removed the teacher from the classroom and said the allegation was not related to her school. It’s unknown why Russo took it upon herself to inject a student with a vaccination. Yet, it raises several questions:

  1. Why was the young man at her home in the first place?
  2. Where did she obtain the COVID-19 vaccine?

It appears that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

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