Ohio Teenager Brutally Murders Adult Boyfriend’s Mother, Could be Tried as Adult

Toledo, Ohio – A 17-year-old girl in Lucas County, Ohio, could face adult charges for the alleged beating and strangulation of her boyfriend’s mother, according to a ruling on Friday. Kaitlyn Coones was indicted in August alongside her co-defendant, 33-year-old Jonathon Jones.

Authorities claim that Coones and Jones murdered Nicole Jones, 53, who was the mother of Coones’ boyfriend. The case came to light when Canton police requested a welfare check on the victim. However, officers could not find her during their visit to her home in Toledo on May 5. Soon after, U.S. Marshals identified Jones and Coones as suspects and initiated a nationwide manhunt.

After a search that led them to Arizona, the suspects were eventually apprehended in Ahumada, Mexico. They were brought back to the United States, where they now face multiple charges, including aggravated murder, murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

During a hearing, a detective from the Sylvania Township Police Department testified that Coones had been living in Jonathan Jones’ bedroom, possibly without the knowledge of Nicole Jones. Allegedly, Coones issued an ultimatum to her boyfriend, stating that his mother needed to be dealt with if they wanted to be together. The detective revealed that Coones even mentioned killing the victim.

Prosecutor Andy Lastra stated that the attack occurred when Nicole Jones was standing in front of a kitchen refrigerator and was unaware of Coones’ presence. The teenager allegedly used a rock to assault and strangle the victim. Jonathon Jones was apparently in the living room at the time, but he assisted in disposing of the body by purchasing supplies and wrapping it in a tarp and garbage bags before discarding it in a nearby dumpster.

Investigations revealed that Coones had been living in a foster care system, but had gone missing from her group home in April. A nurse at the facility received a text from Coones’ phone, claiming responsibility for killing two people and being on the run.

While Coones’ attorney argues that her client was a victim of Jonathon Jones and doubts that she sent the text, the prosecution maintains that she was an active participant in the crime.

The trial is ongoing, and if Coones is convicted as an adult, she could face severe penalties for her alleged role in the murder.