Panda Express Manager Told Cook to Get an Abortion, Then Assaulted Her

Romerian Logan, a 19-year-old pregnant cook at a Panda Express in New Jersey, has recently filed a lawsuit claiming her supervisor, BiQing Liu, told her to get an abortion and physically assaulted her after she informed him of her pregnancy.

The expectant mother began working at the franchise located in the Newport Centre mall in Jersey City in 2019. Last July, Logan shared her news with Liu, who responded by making “negative comments” and suggesting she terminate the pregnancy.

In October, Logan accused Liu of restraining her from leaving the workplace after her shift. When she reported the incident to human resources, no action was taken. Logan also stated she was assigned labor-intensive tasks that she was unable to perform due to her pregnancy, and she was terminated in December.

It is reported that Liu has since been transferred to a different Panda Express in New York City. The lawsuit names several co-defendants, and Logan has accused Panda Express of negligent hiring and training, creating a hostile work environment, and recklessness.

The chain employs 47,000 people in 2,300 locations across the US, many of which are situated on college campuses.