Parents Confront Naked Man Running Through the Children’s Section in Department Store

A disturbing footage of a naked man being chased inside a JCPenney store has been shared online, and police are now providing more context on the incident.

The Tukwila Police Department in Seattle revealed the occurrence at the store as a mental health crisis, adding that shortly after the video ended, the man experienced a medical emergency and was taken to the hospital. The footage composed of a naked man accompanied by nothing but socks, being followed by a fully-clothed man, quickly went viral as viewers questioned the identity of the man and the reasoning behind history.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred on October 1st. It started with the naked man being trailed by another man, with the recorder explaining that they were in the children’s section. The naked man then scurried away, garnering the attention of a third person and leading to a chase sequence where the duo caught up with him.

After the man grabbed a pair of pants and attempted to put them on, a brawl began with the group of men and bystanders pummeling the naked man. At one point, someone shouted “enough” repeatedly in order to break up the fight. Some suggested that the man was attempting to touch two small children who were also present in the store, however, police could not find any evidence to back that statement.

In the end, the unnamed man was indeed arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. Police advise not jumping to conclusions in such matters and to allow the justice system to run its appropriate course.