Passenger Dies Mid-Flight After Blood Gushed from Mouth and Nose

BANGKOK, Thailand — A Lufthansa flight from Thailand to Germany took a tragic turn on Thursday when a 63-year-old German man died mid-flight, leaving fellow passengers in horror as blood gushed from his mouth and nose.

Eyewitnesses described the man as visibly sick with “cold sweats” and rapid breathing when he boarded the Airbus A380 in Bangkok shortly before midnight. Karin Missfelder, a nursing specialist at University Hospital in Zurich, notified a flight attendant that the man needed medical attention after closely observing his condition.

Unfortunately, when a young Polish man came to assess the man’s condition, he only asked how he was feeling, felt his pulse, and determined he was okay. Despite efforts to alleviate the situation with chamomile tea, the man began spitting blood into a bag held by his wife before blood started pouring from his mouth and nose, causing panic among passengers.

Witnesses reported that flight attendants attempted CPR for approximately 30 minutes, although the nurse onboard believed the situation was hopeless. As the man’s condition worsened, the captain eventually announced his passing, sending the plane into a state of somber silence. The crew then moved the man’s body to the galley as the flight turned back to Thailand.

The decision to reroute the flight back to Thailand further underscored the seriousness of the situation. Passengers experienced delays and confusion as they waited for guidance from the airline.