Plane Crash in Alaska Leaves No Survivors

Tanana, Alaska – A plane carrying two individuals crashed into an icy river in Alaska, erupting into flames and resulting in no survivors, authorities confirmed. The Douglas DC-4 Skymaster aircraft went down just moments after departing from Fairbanks International Airport, sliding into a steep hill on the riverbank where it caught fire, according to investigators from the Alaska State Troopers. Although two people were on board, search and rescue operations have yet to locate any survivors.

The inferno quickly spread to the tree line along the Tanana River, burning for several hours and sending thick black smoke across the surrounding fields. The crash occurred merely eight minutes into the flight, leaving authorities puzzled as to the sequence of events between takeoff and the tragic accident. A tower operator reportedly witnessed a large plume of smoke, drawing attention to the incident.

The precise destination of the ill-fated flight remains unknown. However, the Federal Aviation Administration identified the aircraft model as a military version of the Douglas DC-4 called the Douglas C-54. Originally employed during World War II, this aircraft played a significant role in the Berlin Airlift between 1948 and 1949. Considered a rare find in service today, two Douglas C-54s are operated by Alaska Air Fuel.

As the National Transportation Safety Board launches an investigation into the crash, questions surround the cause of the tragedy. The wreckage lies approximately seven miles from Fairbanks International Airport, allowing authorities to focus their efforts in a relatively confined area. Updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.