Police Search for Missing Son of Former NFL Player

Indianapolis, Indiana – Indiana State Police are intensifying their search for 14-year-old Bryson Muir, the son of former NFL player Daniel Muir, who disappeared in Ohio on June 16. Allegations of domestic battery and an uncooperative response from Bryson’s parents have raised concerns for the teenager’s welfare. Indiana authorities have now issued a statewide Silver Alert in their efforts to locate him.

Investigators are working diligently to uncover the whereabouts of Bryson Muir, who went missing on June 16 after leaving a relative’s home in Ohio with his mother. Despite a subsequent police stop, Bryson was not found in the vehicle. The Cass County Department of Child Services then requested an investigation into possible domestic abuse that allegedly occurred at the family’s residence in Logansport, Indiana.

Following initial cooperation, Bryson’s parents, Daniel and Kristen Muir, reneged on an agreement to bring their son for questioning, indicating their unwillingness to help resolve the case. Indiana State Police responded promptly by issuing a statewide Silver Alert and releasing a photograph showing Bryson’s swollen eye, heightening concerns that he may be in grave danger.

Described as 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 185 pounds, Bryson Muir was last seen wearing an orange Under Armour shirt and blue jeans. Authorities stress the urgency of locating him, as he may require medical assistance due to the alleged abuse.

Bryson’s parents, Daniel and Kristen Muir, have not provided any comment on the situation thus far. Inquiries directed to their associated ministry were redirected to their attorney, who declined to speak on their behalf.

Indiana State Police Peru Post and emergency services urge anyone with information about Bryson’s disappearance to report it immediately.