Pregnant Woman Loses Unborn Baby in Horrific Attack During Date Night

CHICAGO, IL — A couple in Chicago, Illinois, experienced a horrifying assault after going on a date in the city’s Streeterville neighborhood on Friday. The husband and wife were ambushed by a group of unidentified teenagers near Grand Avenue and McClurg Court, as reported by local news outlet FOX 32 Chicago.

The woman, identified as Nina, revealed that they were repeatedly kicked, stomped on, and punched during the attack. She was two weeks pregnant at the time and tragically discovered afterwards that she had lost the baby.

Nina shared disturbing images of her injuries, with visible chunks of hair being ripped out and a bruised eye. Her husband was also viciously assaulted by the group, who held him down while carrying out the attack. According to Nina, the assailants used pepper spray and even targeted her stomach, likely causing further harm to the unborn child.

The motive behind the attack did not appear to be robbery, as no belongings were stolen. Instead, the assailants allegedly claimed ownership of the street and verbally berated the couple for their appearance and attire.

The Chicago Police Department responded to a call reporting the assault at 9:17 p.m. During the investigation, it was discovered that a 14-year-old male suspect struck the male victim in the head, while a 17-year-old female suspect pulled the woman’s hair. The victims received on-site medical treatment but declined further attention.

Both teenage suspects were subsequently apprehended and charged with misdemeanor battery. The Cook County State Attorney’s Office has not yet confirmed whether additional charges will be filed.

Chicago continues to grapple with high levels of crime. Recent police data indicates an increase in robberies, car thefts, and burglaries compared to the previous year, whereas murders, thefts, and sexual assaults have slightly decreased.

Chicago’s residents are now seeking answers and solutions to address the ongoing violence and protect the safety of their community.