Prominent Megachurch Pastor Steps Down After Confessing ‘Sin’

DALLAS, Texas — Dr. Tony Evans, a highly esteemed megachurch pastor with close to 50 years of leadership, has stepped down from his position at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church. His resignation comes after confessing to a yet undisclosed “sin.” Evans emphasized the importance of repentance and restoration in his statement, leaving his congregation to grapple with the news. As the church enters a healing and restoration process, questions about the future direction of the ministry linger.

Evans, known for his unwavering commitment to the Word of God, revealed that he did not meet the high standard of righteous judgment in his actions. While he made it clear that he had not committed a crime, the nature of his “sin” remains undisclosed, leaving speculation within the congregation. Evans and the church’s elder board mutually agreed that accountability is essential when any leader falls short of scriptural standards. With this in mind, Evans made the difficult decision to step away from his pastoral duties and embark on a journey of spiritual recovery and healing.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, founded by Evans in 1976 as a small Bible study group, has grown into a thriving community with over 10,000 members. Evans’ impact extends beyond the church’s physical walls through his bestselling worship books and worldwide radio show, “The Alternative.” His sudden resignation has left the congregation in shock, as he was seen as a staple in the community and one of the nation’s most renowned pastors.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the situation, Evans assured his members that Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church would continue to thrive under the guidance of Associate Pastor Bobby Gibson. The congregation has been encouraged to remember that their allegiance lies with the Lord Jesus Christ, not an individual leader, as they navigate this transitional period.

Evans will participate in the healing process while remaining connected to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church for worship. The community eagerly awaits updates and guidance as they support the ministry during this challenging period.