‘Rain of Worms’ Hits China, Residents told to Carry Umbrella

Chinese residents were stunned as the roads of Beijing were inundated with worms without any explanation for the occurrence.

The citizens of China were taken aback when the roads of Beijing were suddenly flooded with worms with no clear reason behind the occurrence. Photos and videos of worms falling from the sky and covering the streets and cars were shared on social media.

Various theories were presented in order to explain the mass of worms, with some claiming that powerful winds could have been the cause while others assumed that they were dropped from the trees.

One opinion was that the strange event could be linked to earthquakes and might be a warning sign for an impending natural disaster, leading citizens to be more aware of their surroundings in the upcoming days.

There has been no official declaration from the Chinese Government regarding the worms. The people in the area have been warned to carry umbrellas when they are outdoors.