Ron DeSantis Pardons Mask Law Violators

( – Few, if any, governors fought for the individual liberties of citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic harder than Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. The popular governor was the first leader to reopen their state last October.

DeSantis terminated the mask mandate and social distancing rules on May 3. He is also enforcing a law against vaccine passports to prevent businesses from discriminating against those who are not vaccinated. Now, DeSantis is correcting the actions of local and county governments that he believes were too heavy-handed.

On Wednesday, June 16, DeSantis stated that any Florida resident previously arrested or fined for violating mask mandates or social distancing rules would be pardoned. The four-member Board of Executive Clemency agreed with the governor’s policy to pardon offenders 3 to 1. DeSantis said the pardons are a recognition that a number of the COVID-19 pandemic rules were overboard, unnecessary, and unscientific. He added that the pardons would aid in helping the state recover and transition back to normal.

The pardons apply to civil and criminal penalties given to individuals and businesses.

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