Ron DeSantis Reveals “Sins” of Democrat A-Listers

( – When it comes to establishing freedom based on the US Constitution, few governors lead the way like Florid’sa Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. From his first days in office, President Joe Biden tried to make an example of the popular GOP governor after DeSantis challenged him on a host of issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It didn’t work.

On Sunday, January 9, the governor spoke at length with conservative radio and Fox News host Mark Levin. The governor told Levin that Biden needed a scapegoat as his COVID-19 failures mounted and approval ratings sunk. DeSantis added that if the media and Biden didn’t come after him, he probably wasn’t doing his job taking on big issues.

He also stated that there would be a list of cardinal sins when the country looks back at the pandemic. Among them were school closures for over a year, lockdown disasters, and focusing on masking and vaccines without including COVID treatments.

The Sunshine State’s governor added that Dr. Anthony Fauci and public health officials like him were to blame for the missteps and tunnel vision. Now that things aren’t going well for the administration, DeSantis said all they have left is to pick fights with Florida and Texas to divert attention away from their failures.

What do you think?

Is Gov. DeSantis right?

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