Ron DeSantis Says He’ll Never Submit to Fauci-ism

( – While Dr. Anthony Fauci is the nation’s leading infectious disease doctor, he’s not an elected official accountable to voters for upholding the US Constitution. Sometimes, that distinction appears lost on Fauci, who appears in the media and presents information as if he has the authority to issue mandates. Currently, federal courts are contemplating federal vaccine mandates not authorized by Congress and potentially unconstitutional due to the Tenth Amendment.

For well over a year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a very different approach to the pandemic than his Democratic colleagues. Instead of shutting down the state, public education, and forcing mask-wearing and vaccine passports, he worked with the state legislature to uphold citizen rights. It’s a stark contrast to Fauci’s supposed recommendations.

On Tuesday, December 7, the popular governor said he had no problem with those concerned about the Omicron variant and wanted to isolate themselves. He told the media that’s the beauty of a free society. Yet, DeSantis stressed that the state would not impose “Fauci-ism” on Florida residents.

Critics coined Fauci-ism to describe excessive COVID-19 regulations and rules that infringe on personal freedoms and liberties. DeSantis took some additional time to criticize Democratic governors who enacted harsh lockdowns and extreme regulations to stop the pandemic. He said in a free country, people are free to leave bad environments for greener pastures.

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