Ron DeSantis Says He’s Taking Care of His Wife’s Cancer as Democrats Claim He Vanished

( – As the 2022 midterm elections grow ever closer, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is holding firm on the things that make him popular in his state. He continually pushes back on President Joe Biden’s interventions regarding COVID-19 and works with the state legislature to ensure that Constitutional liberties are upheld in Florida.

The contrast between DeSantis and liberal governors is stark. Perhaps that’s why Democrats regularly try to make the governor look bad. Whenever COVID numbers spike, they try to make the most of it even though wide-open Florida’s numbers are comparable to Democratic states with vaccine and mask mandates. Now, they are trying to score political points after the governor took a few days away from the public spotlight.

DeSantis Didn’t Vanish as Democrats Claim

The governor’s critics are pulling out all the stops to erode his credibility with voters. In 2018, DeSantis won his gubernatorial election by less than a point. Heading into the 2022 election season, he leads in the polls, and many expect the governor to cruise to re-election. DeSantis’ approval rating is 52%, and 42% strongly approve of his performance as governor. He leads former Republican governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist 46% to 43%. However, he would crush Democrat Niki Fried 50% to 40% if she gets the nod from Democrats in the August primary.

The only hope Democrats have is to peel away votes. To do that, they must convince voters to break away from DeSantis. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Democrats attacked the governor for being away from the public eye while COVID cases spiked. They attempted to create the impression that the governor was on vacation while residents suffered under the weight of the omicron variant.

That’s hardly the case. The governor wasn’t hiding, nor was he on vacation. All the media needed to do was look at his public calendar. The facts speak for themselves.

DeSantis Supporting His Wife With Cancer

In October, Casey DeSantis was diagnosed with cancer. Between the two holidays, she began treatment. While the Democrats were playing politics questioning where the governor was, he was beside his wife as she underwent chemotherapy. DeSantis said it was hardly a vacation as he accompanied his wife during her treatments. The governor added that the private matter wasn’t on his public calendar.

The governor’s communication team pointed out that anyone can see the governor’s public calendar and that the rest of the week, he was busy taking calls and conducting meetings. They added that not holding a public event is not the same thing as a vacation.

Once again, it appears that Democrats couldn’t restrain themselves and wait for the facts. It’s not a good look to criticize someone for supporting a spouse who’s undergoing treatment for cancer.

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