Ron DeSantis Target of Brutal Washington Post Misinformation Scheme

( – On Thursday, June 24, a massive search and rescue operation began after a building partially collapsed in Surfside, Florida. Eager to paint a leading Republican in a negative light, a Washington Post reporter released fake news about the tragedy in a series of misleading political tweets over the weekend.

Hannah Dreier published tweets suggesting Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis sat on approvals for emergency assistance for 24 hours. She alleged FEMA was ready to deploy but couldn’t because of DeSantis’s inaction.

That was a false narrative. FEMA’s process requires action to begin at the local level and then at the level of the state. State officials then contact FEMA.

DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw has stated that Dreier never reached out to the governor before publishing the fake news. She said the response to the emergency by Miami Dade County first responders began within minutes of the tragic event. The buildings collapsed at approximately 1:30 am. Pushaw said the county mayor signed the local emergency declaration at 4:40 pm, and the governor signed it less than 60 minutes later.

A local Democrat also dismissed the reporter’s claims, stating there was no lack of local support.

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