Rush Limbaugh’s Prediction Before His Death Was Right

( – Rush Limbaugh was an iconic conservative for many Americans. After he passed away in February 2021, there was a void in the conservative world. As it turns out, he’s still proving to be relevant. In a recently resurfaced December 2020 audio clip, Limbaugh stated that the media and Democratic establishment types would remain uncritical of Joe Biden. He said they would continue to prop Biden up and ignore the laptop story.

Then, Limbaugh said Biden would serve at the pleasure of Barack Obama. So long as Obama allows Biden to serve, the media will hush things. Yet, Limbaugh noted that if the former president greenlights Democrats to take out Biden, they’ll have all the evidence they need. The media will acknowledge that Biden lied about his family business dealings. They will fall on the sword and finally admit that Biden sold his family name and office.

The famous icon added that the media would temporarily report hard news to meet their objective if the time comes. He said you can expect excuses for Biden as they ignore his negatives until that time.

As Biden suffers in the polls, Obama returned to the White House on Tuesday, April 5, to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Obamacare. The former president overshadowed Biden and left him looking frail and sometimes confused.

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