Russian Military Accidentally Blow Up Their Own Troops

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military to invade Ukraine on February 24. Some believed that Russia would likely occupy the country easily and quickly ahead of the invasion. Among them was US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley. This outcome hasn’t materialized, however. At the end of March, British spy chief Jeremy Fleming said Russian soldiers were experiencing low morale, sabotaging their own equipment, and had even shot down their own aircraft.

It appears that things aren’t getting any better as the Russian military backs away from Kyiv and focuses on shoring up Eastern Ukraine. On Tuesday, April 12, Ukraine released drone video footage of a Russian tank firing on another Russian tank from just yards away on March 31. The footage comes as Russian troops and armored vehicles in Dmytrivka, just west of Kyiv, prepare to leave as their assault on the Ukrainian capital stalled.

Some speculate that the Russians may have purposely destroyed the armored vehicle in the event that Ukrainian forces captured it. Still, the Russian losses are mounting, notwithstanding their own self-inflicted damages. Ukraine’s army says Russia has lost over 680 tanks. Other sources say they’ve lost 460 tanks and 2,000 other armored vehicles.

At the beginning of the invasion, reports suggested Russia had 2,000 main battle tanks.

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