School Shooting Leaves Multiple People with Gunshot Wounds

Police: Oakland high school shooting wounds 6 adults – KCRA Sacramento

Six adults were injured in a California school shooting on Wednesday at East Oakland’s King Estates Campus. The youngest victim was reported to be 18 years old.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting around 12:30 p.m. at the Rudsdale Newcomer High School. The school website describes it as serving recent immigrants ages 16-21 who’ve fled violence and instability in their home countries. It shares The King Estates Campus with four other schools.

Oakland Fire Department spokesperson Michael Hunt said all six victims were transported to two different hospitals with gunshot wounds.

According to officials, three were transported to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley. One was quickly treated and able to go home. Another victim is waiting to be released, and the last victim is in stable condition.

The other three were treated at Highland Hospital in Oakland, where one victim is in stable condition, and the other two are in critical but stable conditions.

A security guard from BayTech School was identified as one of the victims on Instagram Wednesday night. He did not sustain fatal injuries and is expected to survive.

According to Oakland police, the victims are all adults, and they are affiliated with the school. Police gave no further information on the victims.

KCRA reported that Treva Reid, a City Council Member stated that investigators told her the incident could be tied to “group and gang violence.”

Alameda Health System’s chief executive, James Jackson, has observed increased violence. He told KCRA, “We’ve seen almost a doubling of the violent crimes victims that we’re seeing here at our facility (Highland Hospital). So something has changed.”

According to Oakland Unified’s Wednesday statement, no school will be held on campus Thursday.

So far, investigators haven’t released a description of the suspect or suspects involved in the shooting but are continuing to investigate the incident.

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