Senator Warren Wants to Stack the Supreme Court

( – Never discount a partisan left-wing Democrat’s attempt to pass themselves off as an objective problem solver. That’s assuming there even is a problem. For the last decade, Democrats have done everything they could to discredit the US Supreme Court. It stems from their inability to get liberal justices on the court to interpret the laws consistent with their views.

Now that the six to three conservative-led court is intent on enforcing the original intention of the Constitution without revising it to meet a political need, the Left is going off the rails. Much of the Democrats’ dissatisfaction stems from a belief that the GOP allegedly robbed them of two progressive justices. Of course, if that were true, the government would be dealing with a major Constitutional crisis, and it’s not. On Wednesday, December 15, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) once again tried to make a case for stacking the Supreme Court to rebalance it in the Left’s favor.

Warren Argues for Stacking the Court

The Constitution gives Congress the power to decide the size of the US Supreme Court through legislation. Congress renumbered justices on the court six times. The last was in 1869 when Congress established the number of justices at its current number of nine. Before passing away in 2020, former Supreme Court Justice (and darling of the Left) Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Democrats needed to leave the size of the court alone. If they interfered and increased the number of justices for political purposes, it would erode the public’s trust in the court.

Oddly, Warren says the court is already undermined in its current state. She claims that the American people lost confidence and trust in the court. There may be some truth to that as the newest approval ratings show that just 40% of the public approves of the high court. But why is that? Could the constant negative spin and criticism from the Left be driving down numbers that were historically above 60%?

For the better part of five years, Warren and her far-left colleagues have worked to delegitimize the court. She claims that extremists on the right lead the court. What defines an extremist? According to Warren, if the justices vote against her views on the following issues, they are out of the mainstream of America:

  • Abortion
  • Unions
  • Voting rights

There is no united American agreement on any of these issues. Voters are split on abortion, unions represent a small number of workers who are generally Democratic supporters, and voting rights are not about free and fair elections. It’s about voting for Democrats.

What Warren and Democrats really want is a court that will rule on issues in their favor regardless of the Constitution. To achieve this, the Massachusetts liberal wants to add four more seats to the court and stack it with liberal progressive Democrats to outrank the current conservative majority.

So, in the end, Warren wants to replace her view of extremism with another.

The bad news for her is there isn’t enough support among Democratic Senators to go along with her idea, and even if there were, they would need 10 Republicans to join them. Good luck with that one.

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