Sex Offender Uses Social Media to Target Single Mothers and Daughters

Antonio Arredondo, a 37-year-old registered sex offender, is facing multiple charges, including rape, in Oregon. Authorities allege that Arredondo used social media platforms to initiate romantic relationships with single mothers, with the ultimate aim of sexually assaulting them and their daughters. The charges are linked to at least two cases, with investigations into two more ongoing.

The disturbing allegations were made public last Thursday as law enforcement agencies continue their search for potential additional victims. Arredondo is believed to have used platforms like Facebook to connect with single mothers of young girls. Once he had established a relationship, he would be invited into their homes, where he would then sexually assault the mother, the daughter, or both, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

On August 2, Arredondo was indicted on three counts of first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree sodomy, and three counts of first-degree sex abuse. These charges are related to one investigation conducted by the Tigard Police Department. In a separate case in Washington County, he was charged with another count of first-degree sex abuse on Monday.

Investigators have discovered at least two more cases with similar circumstances allegedly involving Arredondo. The Portland Police Bureau and the City of Dallas Police Department are each conducting their own investigations of those cases. Arredondo’s status as a registered sex offender originates from a case in Texas that bears resemblance to the current allegations in Oregon.

Authorities believe Arredondo has been residing in the Pacific Northwest for several years. Given the multiple cases across Oregon, investigators and the District Attorney’s office strongly suspect there may be more victims in the region. Arredondo is currently being held in county jail.

The Washington County Sheriff’s office has released Arredondo’s recent booking photo to aid potential victims in identifying him.