Police Union Executive Allegedly Ran Fentynal Drug Trafficking Out of Her House

Joanne Marian Segovia, a long-time executive director of the Police Officers Association in San Jose, California, has been charged with a shocking crime.

She has been charged with an attempt to unlawfully import valeryl fentanyl in addition to other opioids. The US Attorney’s Office alleges she imported the controlled substances into the country and then distributed them throughout.

Those that knew Segovia were shocked at learning of the charges. Chris Noller, a neighbor told KTVU, “I would equal that to you know, Mr. Rogers is a serial killer. You know? Totally stunned.” Segovia had been widely seen as a supportive community member, known for organizing fundraisers for the children and families of fallen officers.

However, a 13-page complaint released by the US Attorney’s office details multiple packages delivered to Segovia’s address between October 2015 and January 2023. The packages were sent from various countries and marked as food supplements, wedding party favors, and other items to disguise the shipment of drugs, including synthetic opioids and Tapentadol, often used to treat nerve damage caused by diabetes.

The case against Segovia was uncovered during an investigation into a drug distribution network based in India. It is alleged that Segovia used encrypted WhatsApp texts for communication with these individuals regarding the drugs. Segovia reportedly sent a parcel to a woman in North Carolina, taking a photo to prove she had sent it, and used the San Jose Police Officers’ Association UPS account.

The revelation has stunned the San Jose community, prompting Mayor Matt Mahan to express his appreciation for the US Attorney’s thorough investigation and denouncing Segovia’s alleged actions.

If found guilty of attempting to import synthetic opioids, Segovia could receive a 20-year sentence as the maximum punishment. However, the reason behind Segovia’s involvement in a drug trafficking operation remains unknown.