Son Brutally Murders Father on Christmas Eve

A man from Boonton, New Jersey has been accused of committing a shocking and brutal murder on Christmas Eve. Kyle Meyer, 33, allegedly killing his father, Gregory Meyer, in a grisly manner using an ax and a battery-operated pole saw. Meyer’s history of mental illness and addiction has raised concerns about the impact of these issues on his actions, as well as the importance of addressing mental health seriously.

The incident occurred in the Meyer family home, where Gregory Meyer lived with his son, mother, and sister. Gregory Meyer’s mother was present during the argument that led to the murder. The family statement reveals the struggles Kyle Meyer faced due to his substance abuse and delusions, emphasizing the importance of treating mental illness seriously and warning of the potential for violence. Law enforcement has not yet revealed a motive for the heinous crime, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Responding to the scene, authorities found the victim with multiple wounds, including ones inflicted by the ax and pole saw. The murder weapons were discovered beside the deceased man, stained with his blood. Kyle Meyer was arrested later that same day and now faces charges of intentional murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Kyle Meyer is currently detained in the Morris County jail and has pleaded not guilty. The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office expressed condolences to the victim’s family and commended the collaborative efforts of several agencies in the ongoing investigation. The Meyer family has set up a GoFundMe to support funeral expenses and provide ongoing care for the victim’s elderly mother. Mental health and addiction issues have been raised as important factors in the tragedy, prompting a call for greater awareness and support for those affected.