Son Decapitates Federal Employee Father, Shares Head in Politically Charged Rant on Youtube

MIDDLETOWN, PA – A 33-year-old man from Pennsylvania has been apprehended by police after allegedly posting a disturbing video online in which he showcased his father, Michael Mohn’s severed head. The incident unfolded in Middletown Township when law enforcement responded to a reported death and discovered the beheaded body inside a residence. The video, shared on YouTube, was swiftly removed but garnered significant attention before being taken down.

The headless remains were found in the upstairs bathroom of a home on Upper Orchard Drive, leading investigators to detain a “person of interest.” According to reports the man in custody is the victim’s youngest son, who shared the graphic footage.

According to reports, the video is titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms for American Patriots.” The man identified as Justin Mohn presents his father’s severed head in a bloodied plastic bag. He proceeds to make disturbing comments about his father, claiming he was a federal employee for over 20 years. He then goes on a disturbing rant against the government, advocating for the unity of militias across the country and calling for the immediate killing of federal officials.

While authorities have reviewed the video, they have chosen not to divulge its contents or provide details about the remains found at the crime scene. It has been unconfirmed if Michael Mohn was a federal employee. Justin Mohn was located and arrested two hours from the crime scene on Tuesday night.

The investigation into this horrifying event is ongoing, as law enforcement diligently gathers more information. The motive behind the video and the circumstances surrounding the murder remain unclear. As authorities delve deeper into the case, they face the challenge of comprehending the disturbing actions depicted in the footage.

The community of Middletown Township is left shaken by this shocking incident. The impact of this gruesome act of violence extends beyond the immediate family, emphasizing the need for authorities to uncover the underlying motives and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Authorities continue their efforts to unravel the details surrounding this disturbing event. The community grapples with the aftermath, striving to find solace and support amidst the harrowing tragedy.