Son Allegedly Kills Mom During Weekend Visit

Michael Belous, a 23-year-old man from Massachusetts, has been arrested and charged following the death of his mother in what police are describing as a tragic incident.

Elena Vainer, 51, was visiting her son’s home over the weekend when prosecutors say a violent altercation ensued, resulting in multiple injuries to her head and neck. According to authorities, Vainer was “severely beaten.” When officers arrived at the scene, they found Elena Vainer, 51, of Reading, dead in the house with visible bruising on her face and other signs of physical trauma.

On Monday, Belous was charged with assault and battery on a household or family member and assault and battery causing serious bodily injury.

The prosecutor stated that they are expecting to charge Belous with additional, more severe charges in the case. Belous’ defense lawyer, Stanley Norkunas, argued that the current state of the case was “speculative” and that there was “no indication that [Belous] is the person at this point who would have inflicted the injuries on her.”

Meanwhile, witnesses in the condo complex are providing further insight into the evening. A neighbor reportedly told Boston Fox affiliate WFXT that Belous was “out of his mind” when police arrived. “He was just screaming and acting strange,” the witness said of the young man.

The case has now been forwarded to a medical examiner who will look into the cause and manner of death. This tragedy is a grim reminder of the importance of seeking help in times of difficulty.