Suspect Arrested in Connection with Rural Colorado Shooting That Killed 3

WESTCLIFFE, Colo. – A suspect has been apprehended following a shooting in rural Colorado that resulted in the deaths of three individuals and left one person in critical condition. The shooting occurred amid a property dispute in Custer County. Authorities arrested 45-year-old Hanme K. Clark, who was located by New Mexico State Police. The arrest concludes a day-long search for the suspect.

Law enforcement responded to reports of shots fired on Monday afternoon and discovered the victims. Two men and a woman were fatally shot, while another woman is in critical condition but is expected to survive. An arrest warrant had been issued for Clark on three counts of first-degree murder.

The suspect had been associated with a white Ram 1500 pickup truck, which was seen at a Walmart in Salida shortly after the shooting. The occupant of the vehicle made purchases at the store before leaving in the direction of the Methodist Mountain residential area.

The shooting took place near a residence in a remote area of Custer County, prompting shelter-in-place orders that have since been lifted. Custer County Sheriff Rich Smith commended the community for their support during the incident. The deceased victims were identified as Rob Geers, Beth Wade Geers, and James Daulton. James’ wife, Patty Daulton, is receiving treatment and is reportedly improving.

The sheriff disclosed that all the deceased individuals were involved in a property dispute with Clark, focusing on access to a gravel road on his property. The shooting occurred on one of the victim’s properties. Throughout the manhunt, authorities remained in contact with the suspect’s family and associates.

Clark was apprehended during a high-risk felony traffic stop near Albuquerque in the company of his girlfriend. The arrest concluded without any injuries. Sheriff Smith expressed hope that the arrest would provide relief, closure, and support for the affected community and the families of the victims.