Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting at Atlanta Hospital

We are painfully reminded of the horrifying gun violence epidemic that continues to plague the United States after a shooting at a medical building in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday, May 3. Ex-U.S. Coast Guardsman Deion Patterson, aged 24, has been arrested by police in connection with the crime.

On Wednesday morning, the incident left Amy St. Pierre, 39, dead and four other women ages 25-71, three critically and seriously wounded. The motive and whether Patterson knew or had targeted any of the victims remains to be seen. After the shooting, Patterson left the scene on foot and carjacked a pickup truck from a nearby gas station. Reportedly, an undercover police officer was able to identify him north of the city, which eventually led police to the culprit, which is currently being investigated.

Patterson was a member of the U.S. Coast Guard from July 2018 to January of this year. But no word has been made regarding why he was discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard. Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens released a statement on the incident. He referred to it as the latest addition to a “national epidemic of gun violence” that affects not only public places like parks and schools but also sacred spaces such as churches and hospitals. Unfortunately, this horrendous event has become all too common in our society.