SUV Carrying 2 Children Riddled With Bullets Before Crashing Into Brick Home

UPDATE: Driver crashes into house after gunman opens fire in DeKalb neighborhood – The Atlanta Journal Constitution

According to Police in DeKalb County, Georgia, a man was driving down a suburban road with his two children in the back of his car when he was shot in his SUV Monday morning.

In the aftermath of the gunfire on the SUV, police said a gunshot hit the driver, and his two children were sitting in the back seat when the vehicle crashed. A serious injury was sustained by the driver, who has not been identified, and he was rushed to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

WSBTV reported that neighbors shared that the shooting occurred as families in the neighborhood were starting their day and getting their kids ready for school.

A witness reported hearing more than 20 gunshots and seeing cars speeding down the narrow street.

Fox5 reported that a witness wanting to remain anonymous told them, “We heard a big kaboom at first. We thought it was a generator, and then we heard shots fired; we look out the window we see men running down the street, guns blazing.”

Two gunmen were shooting at the SUV as it sped down the road before crashing into Supreme Robert’s home, according to Fox5 witnesses.

The wounded driver and the two boys escaped from the crashed SUV and fled to a nearby home.

Roberts shared with WSBTV that they believe this wasn’t a random incident. “I think it was targeted. This wasn’t no road rage. They were waiting on him,”

A woman told WSBTV, “The sad part is there’s children walking these streets because we live in the vicinity of three schools. And there are shortcuts in this neighborhood; I’m grateful these children were not out when this occurred.”

No arrests have been made. The police are still looking for the suspects.

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