Teen Dead After Fight in High School Bathroom

OWASSO, Oklahoma – A 16-year-old student, Dagny Benedict, tragically passed away after being involved in a violent attack at Owasso High School earlier this month. According to reports, Benedict and another student, who is also non-binary, were severely beaten inside a school bathroom by three older female students.

The altercation took place on February 7 and lasted for an extended period before a school staff member intervened. Benedict, a straight-A student, and the other victim suffered severe injuries during the ordeal. Benedict’s family, who referred to the teen using both female and non-binary pronouns, confirmed that the victim had identified as non-binary and used the name “Nex.”

Bullying was a recurring issue for Benedict, according to their mother. During the bathroom fight, Benedict fell and struck their head, leading to bruises and cuts on their face. The mother of the witness stated that she saw the assailants “beating [Benedict’s] head across the floor.”

Despite their injuries, Benedict was unable to reach the nurse’s office for assistance. The school staff failed to call the police or an ambulance, leaving Benedict’s relatives to rush the victim to the hospital after school. Benedict was released on the same day but was readmitted on February 8 and tragically passed away.

The cause of death is still being investigated, and local police are awaiting toxicology reports to determine if there were any underlying medical conditions that could have contributed. The Owasso Public School District has declined to comment on the incident, citing an ongoing investigation.

Responding to the heartbreaking loss, the community has shown support by donating to a GoFundMe campaign.

As the investigation continues, it remains uncertain whether charges will be filed against Benedict’s attackers. The grieving mother reflected on her child’s funeral service, describing Benedict as a “great kid” who enjoyed games like Minecraft, had a passion for animals and cooking.

The tragic death of Dagny Benedict serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of school violence and highlights the importance of addressing bullying within educational institutions. The community mourns the loss of a promising young individual, who will be remembered fondly by those who loved them.