Teenage Girl Fatally Attacked by Shark in River

Tragically, a 16-year-old girl has died after being mauled to death by a shark in Western Australia while swimming with dolphins, as reported by the BBC.

The teen had been out with her friends jet skiing on February 4, when she spotted a pod of dolphins and decided to dive into the Swan River in North Fremantle to swim with them.

As her friends watched in horror, the girl was attacked by the shark while swimming with the dolphins.

Emergency personnel responded to the incident and pulled her out of the water with severe leg injuries; however, the paramedics were unable to save her, and she died from her wounds.

Police have not yet disclosed the species of shark or specifics of the girl’s wounds. In the Swan River, there has not been a fatal shark attack in over a century.

Western Australia Police received an emergency call at approximately 3:30 pm, and upon arrival, it was initially reported that the girl was fighting for her life.

As reported by the Daily Mail UK, Fremantle District Acting Inspector Paul Robinson described the incident as traumatic.

“It’s an extremely traumatic event for everyone involved and everyone who knew the young girl, so I won’t be going into the extent of the injuries,” Robinson said.

He mentioned that it was abnormal for a shark to be so far deep down the river and that a warning had been issued to alert people of the incident.

The Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has confirmed that they are investigating the possible shark bite.

The last known fatal attack in the Swan River was in 1923 when a 13-year-old Scotch College student, Charles Robinson, was killed while swimming six meters from shore at Freshwater Bay near his school’s boat shed.