Teens Arrested for Intentionally Running Down Pedestrians with Car

SEATTLE, Washington — Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with a series of intentional car attacks on pedestrians in Seattle. The suspects, a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, were apprehended by the police in Snohomish County. Authorities also recovered two stolen vehicles that are believed to have been used in the assaults.

The incidents occurred in November on Aurora Avenue North, leaving two victims seriously injured. After releasing cellphone footage and surveillance videos of the attacks, the victims came forward to report their injuries. The disturbing footage shows the assailants deliberately targeting pedestrians, at times with others encouraging the driver of the vehicle.

In one video, a woman walking in a driveway was intentionally hit by a car, while multiple people rushed to help her before she was driven away from the scene. In another clip, an unsuspecting victim was struck from behind and thrown over the hood of a car. The footage captures the disturbing sound of laughter following the collisions.

The suspects made their first court appearances, and a judge found probable cause for assault and other charges, ordering them to be held in secure detention. Prosecutors are expected to file formal charges on Tuesday.

Seattle police launched an investigation initially, but were unable to locate the victims at the time. The arrests came after an extensive search for witnesses and review of 911 call records and hospital admissions.

Authorities are continuing to gather evidence in the case, and the victims are receiving medical treatment for their injuries.