Texas Mother Indicted in India for Murder of Special Needs Son

Fort Worth, Texas – A Texas mother is now facing charges for the murder of her 6-year-old son, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, who mysteriously vanished in October 2022. Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, 38, currently in India, was indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury on charges including capital murder, injury to a child, and abandoning a child with no intention to return. The indictment comes nearly a year after the boy, who had special needs, disappeared.

Noel’s case, initially a missing person investigation, turned into a homicide inquiry after the discovery of alarming evidence at the family’s residence. Police uncovered human remains following a cadaver dog search in a shack where the family lived amidst conditions described as squalid. The shack, filled with garbage, also contained an altar to Santa Muerte, a figure associated with criminal activity and condemned by the Catholic Church.

Rodriguez-Singh reportedly harbored beliefs that her son was possessed and subjected him to severe mistreatment. Family members revealed to the police that she routinely deprived Noel of food and water, disliking changing his diapers and reacting violently if he attempted to feed himself. The mother allegedly fabricated stories about Noel’s whereabouts after his disappearance, including claims that he was with his biological father in Mexico or that he had been sold to a stranger.

Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer expressed deep emotional and professional investment in the case, hoping for justice for Noel. He highlighted the emotional aspect of the case, citing the shared beliefs of the investigators and the Tarrant County citizens as validated by the indictment.

The tragic case underscores the severe impacts of child abuse, particularly on vulnerable children with special needs. It also raises critical questions about the social systems and support structures available for at-risk families. The extradition process to bring Rodriguez-Singh back to the U.S. for trial is underway, marking a significant step in a year-long saga of mystery, investigation, and pursuit of justice for a young, vulnerable life lost.