Three Dead, One Injured in Florida Shooting Over Dog Sale Dispute

In Jacksonville, Florida, a dispute over a dog sale turned deadly late Saturday night, leaving three people, including a toddler, dead and another injured. The incident occurred at a local apartment complex, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The victims, five in total, had traveled to the apartment complex for a private dog sale. However, the nature of their involvement, whether they were buyers or sellers, remains unclear. The disagreement that led to the shooting took place in a breezeway between two apartment buildings.

Assistant Chief J.D. Stronko of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported that four out of the five individuals involved in the dog sale were shot. Among the adults present, three were in their twenties. Witnesses reported seeing two men fleeing the scene in a car after the shooting. The identities of the victims and suspects are yet to be disclosed.

The sheriff’s office is currently investigating the incident and interviewing witnesses and surviving victims. A resident of the apartment complex, identified only as Rachel, recounted the terrifying moment to local station WJXT. She described hearing five or six gunshots and screams, expressing her shock at such an incident happening in what she considered a safe neighborhood.

The shooting took place at the JTB Apartment Complex, a property described as the newest luxury apartment in Jacksonville. The relationship between the victims has not been disclosed due to a state law that protects victims’ rights. The residences of the victims are also yet to be determined.