Tragic Loss: Beloved News Anchor Amanda Hanson Passes Away at 38

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Amanda Hanson, a beloved member of the Action News 5 team, has died at the age of 38, according to her employer. Hanson, who had been with Action News 5 since 2021, played a crucial role in the station’s digital operations. The news of her untimely passing was announced by the station last week.

Hanson had previously worked at K8 News, a local TV station in Arkansas, intermittently between 2010 and 2021. Her former employer revealed that she had experienced a medical emergency earlier in the week, which ultimately led to her passing. However, no specific details about the nature of the emergency were provided.

Recently, Hanson got married to her husband, Darren. Action News 5 paid tribute to Hanson on their website, commending her work ethic, energy, and creativity. As a valued member of the news management team, she was a trusted advisor on digital matters, particularly excelling in the realm of social media.

Hanson’s former colleagues at K8 fondly remembered her vibrant personality, especially during her “Good Morning Region 8” program. She was known for her enthusiasm on Dance Party Fridays, earning her the affectionate nickname “Dancin’ Hanson” in the newsroom.

Hanson’s passing has left a void in the lives of her husband, Darren, and her family. Her colleagues at both stations remembered her for her infectious energy, unwavering dedication, and innovative spirit. She enjoyed cooking, hiking, and spending time with her dog, Asher.

As of now, details regarding Hanson’s memorial and funeral arrangements have not been made public.