U.S. Marine Corp to Set Record With Most Resignations Over Vaccines in History

(TheDailyHorn.com) – The US military is about to lose tens of thousands of highly trained service members that volunteered to serve their country. Among the military branches, the Navy has the highest rate of fully vaccinated active-duty personnel at 96.7%. The Air force is close behind at 96.4%, and the Army says 92% of active-duty soldiers met the deadline. Unfortunately, the Marine Corps is pacing behind, and thousands of Marines will not make the November 28 vaccination deadline.

The Marine Corps said that as of Wednesday, November 17, approximately 91% of its active-duty force is fully vaccinated, and 94% is partially vaccinated. The Marine Corps estimates it could lose over 10,000 Marines due to their vaccination status. To be considered fully vaccinated, active-duty service members must be fully inoculated 14 days between vaccine shots.

Instead of removing service members immediately, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said members who refuse to get vaccinated would not be eligible for re-enlistments. It’s unclear what that would mean for those who re-upped within the last few years and may have two to five years of service remaining on their enlistment contracts. It’s also not clear what happens to officers the military can dismiss at any time via the President of the United States, and for any reason. Up until recently, the military said it would begin discharges quickly, but it appears officials may be backing off over force strength concerns.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned.

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