US Congressman’s Brother Found Shot to Death

In a tragic incident on Tuesday morning, Timothy Kildee, the brother of Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee, was shot and killed at his home in Genesee County, Michigan. The Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson confirmed the news in a press conference, revealing that the 57-year-old Timothy was allegedly shot by his own 27-year-old son. The suspect is currently in police custody.

During the press conference, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton detailed the potential charges that may be brought against the suspect, including open murder, carjacking, armed robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, using a firearm during a felony, and a motor vehicle infraction for the subsequent crash.

Upon hearing the devastating news, Congressman Dan Kildee, 65, was notified by Sheriff Swanson and is currently returning to Michigan from Washington, D.C. In a post on social media, the Democratic representative expressed his family’s grief and thanked the community for respecting their privacy during this difficult time.

The incident started with a domestic dispute in Burton, Michigan, which was reported to the police during the early hours of the morning. Sheriff Swanson mentioned that a gun was involved in the verbal confrontation. Following the dispute, the son left his father’s house on foot and contacted his mother, who picked him up to take him back to Timothy’s home in Vienna Township.

However, while en route to the house, the 27-year-old suspect jumped out of the moving vehicle. The parents then began searching for their son. When the father returned home alone, Timothy’s other son, who was sleeping in the house, reported this to the authorities. A confrontation was overheard, in which the suspect demanded the victim’s wallet and keys.

Moments later, a gunshot was heard, which is believed to be the fatal shot. The suspect then reportedly took the victim’s car and fled the scene, resulting in a high-speed crash with another vehicle within eight minutes. The suspect sustained serious injuries and is currently being monitored by the police while receiving treatment at the hospital. The occupants of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries.

As the investigation continues, it is suspected that substance abuse may have played a role in the suspect’s behavior. Toxicology reports will confirm this possibility. Sheriff Swanson expressed his belief that there may have been underlying factors contributing to the suspect’s violent actions.

Authorities are continuing to gather more information about the incident.