US State Votes to Ban Vaccine Passports

( – For more than 15 months, the citizens of Pennsylvania were forced to endure government overreach and an unprecedented intrusion into their lives by their governor. In May, voters amended the state Constitution to prevent that from happening again.

The Commonwealth currently has a divided government. The legislature’s large majority is Republican. Governor Tom Wolf is a Democrat who initiated some of the harshest shutdowns in the country.

Republicans didn’t stop the battle for citizens’ rights after the Constitutional amendments. On Wednesday, June 23, the state House passed a bill that would ban vaccine passports. This effort was aligned with a bill previously passed by the state Senate.

Senate Bill 618 would prevent the state government from infringing on people’s rights in various ways. It ensures citizens’ privacy and equality under the law regardless of vaccination status by outlawing vaccine passports. It would also prevent the state Secretary of Health from trying to skirt the new Constitutional amendment by preventing the office from mandating social distancing, stay-at-home orders, or masks.

Gov. Tom Wolf is likely to veto the bill. However, legislators say they hope he will read the bill and consider its merits, especially given voters’ mood on the issue.

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