Violent Road Rage Incident Ends with Two Dads Shooting Each Other’s Daughters

Charges have been dropped against Frank Allison, a 44-year-old father from Georgia, after a road rage incident resulted in the shooting of both his and another dad’s daughter.

On October 8, 2022, Allison and 36-year-old William Hale were involved in a heated confrontation while driving Highway 1 with their families in Nassau County, Florida. According to witnesses, the two men were engaged in a “cat and mouse” game, and one witness feared something terrible would happen and called 911 shortly before the shooting.

Hale reportedly told investigators that both he and Allison were taking turns “brake checking” each other, a tactic defined by police as “slamming their brakes while ahead of one another.”

At one point, Hale pulled up alongside Allison and shouted something through the window, after which he heard a “pow” and noticed his daughter screaming. He returned fire.

According to documents, Allison also fired shots in Hale’s direction, claiming a water bottle had been thrown through his window, and a single bullet struck the girl in the backseat in the leg. Hale emptied his magazine toward Allison’s Nissan SUV, hitting Allison’s daughter in the back.

On March 31, the prosecutors decided to drop the charge of second-degree murder against Allison due to Florida’s “stand your ground” law, suggesting that Hale was the suspected aggressor.

Hale has since been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault and has been charged with shooting into a vehicle.

Hale is due back in court on April 20 for his arraignment. It is hoped that the victims of this incident will receive justice and the families can begin to heal. Sheriff Bill Leeper stated after the event, “There could’ve been two dead kids cause of two stupid grown men.”