[WATCH NOW] Bear Steals Amazon Package in Adorable Video

(TheDailyHorn.com) – Americans are growing more accustomed to purchasing goods online due to the pandemic. Researchers estimate that 36% of Americans have been victims of “porch pirates,” criminals who steal delivered packages from front porches. However, one homeowner’s experience with this growing trend wasn’t what she expected.

Connecticut resident Kristin Levine’s alarm system tipped her off that an Amazon driver had dropped off an expected package. Then, moments later, it went off again. Levine said this surprised her because she wasn’t expecting anyone else in her driveway. The potential victim of a porch pirate wondered what was going on, so she checked the security system video feed.

Lo and behold, it was a porch pirate, alright—a huge, furry one. The thief was a black bear. The video caught the animal taking the package from the front step and carrying it down the driveway.

So, what caught the bear’s attention? No one knows for sure. All that was in the box was toilet paper. Levine said the bear left the package in a neighbor’s yard.

She said the incident was so funny she posted it for all to enjoy. While Levine’s story is entertaining, if you live in an area with bears, be sure to look first before opening your door. You never know who or what is going through your packages.

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