Website Investigators Fact-Checks a Now-Deleted Ilhan Omar Tweet

( – It seems that controversy has a way of finding far-left Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). On Thursday, March 17, the Leftist firebrand shared an incomplete video on Twitter from an interview with journalist Julia Ioffe. In the out-of-context clip, Ioffe appears to suggest that it’s okay to gas Muslim Syrians, but questioned what Europe would do if Putin does it on European soil in Ukraine. Omar’s since-deleted tweet stated that Ioffe’s statement was horrifying and should be condemned as racist.

Ioffe defended the statement on Twitter and tagged Omar. The reporter said she was simply describing logic ascribed to several NATO members, not her own. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 7, Ioffe added, she had called out Islamophobic double standards and would continue to expose them. Omar responded that she understood after Ioffe’s explanation that she was explaining others’ views, not justifying them.

Still, Omar appears to have a tendency to attack first before apologizing later if it becomes necessary. In recent years, Omar faced criticism on multiple occasions for making anti-Semitic statements. Instead of personally censuring Omar, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called for a vote to broadly censure racism and anti-Semitism. Still, some may question if Omar should be censured by the House of Representatives for falsely accusing a journalist of racism.

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