What Really Happens in Just ONE Minute on the Internet?

(TheDailyHorn.com) – The internet is an integral part of daily life for many people. The vast majority of Americans have mobile devices that give them instant access to the World Wide Web at all times. It should not be a surprise that the internet sees a vast amount of activity every minute.

One minute on the internet is nothing like what a person experiences during the same time frame in real time. With about five billion people using the internet, there is never a moment when it stands idle. An annual Domo report on internet data generation showed that in just 60 seconds, people stream 694,000 videos on YouTube and spend $283,000 on Amazon.

Of course, there is much more happening than that. One minute sees 148,000 Slack messages sent and 44 million views on Facebook. During that time, users on TikTok enjoy 167 million videos, and 65,000 photos go up on Instagram.

There is much to learn from these figures. One point of note is the hold Big Tech has on the movement of data on the internet. The influence these companies have is enormous, and it continues to grow.

The statistics also highlight the speed at which data can travel. It is scary to think how much information can spread in only 60 seconds. The revelations serve as a good reminder to be careful about putting anything online, as it may move faster than you realize.

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