Who Should You Vote For?

(TheDailyHorn.com) – The obvious answer that anybody with a shred of decency and intelligence would vote for… is not the point here at all. Rather, the intent is to provide resources to help you make up your own mind.

Sadly, public school systems no longer tend to teach children how to do research and think for themselves. Instead, they have turned into propaganda machines turning out good little citizens who will vote “The Right Way.”

Fortunately, there’s a vast wealth of information available at everybody’s fingertips, called the World Wide Web. Researching candidates and their viewpoints, and important ballot issues that could otherwise go unnoticed, is just a few clicks away.

General Information

Vote 411.org is a site that works on a national level. It gives information on how to register, each state’s absentee voter/mail-in ballot rules, and even state and local measures that can be very important.

The official website of the United States government, USA.gov, also offers tools to search various states and find out specific voting guidelines and restrictions.

Candidates and the Issues

One of the most important things you need to know to make an informed decision is where each candidate stands on topics that are important to you. It’s highly unlikely any person running for a position in government will align 100% with any individual voter. The idea of a person always voting either strictly Conservative or Liberal is a fallacy.

Procon.org is a site run by Britannica. Here you one can find out who is for (pro) or against (con) the issues important to many Americans today, such as cancel culture, the defund the police movement, and gun control. For the 2020 presidential elections, the site sent an exhaustive questionnaire to be completed by each candidate. In addition to the pro or con short answer, the site also provides a hyperlink to the position statements the candidates provided.

Another website to use is ontheissues.org where candidates have proffered their positions on a wide variety of issues. The site is not limited to the candidates for president but includes senatorial, US House, and gubernatorial hopefuls amongst others.

Voting in the United States should not be reduced to the point where one thinks, “CNN is right that President Trump is a [expletive deleted].” Or, conversely, standing firmly with The Blaze and making the assumption that all Democrats are lying money-grabbing trolls.

For the system of government in this country to continue to work, it’s the responsibility of each individual American to be informed on the issues and where the candidates stand on them. Paying too close attention to all the tweetstorms, soundbites, and sensationalized headlines will relegate the freest country world has ever seen to the trash bin of history.

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