Widow Marries Cow She Believes Is Reincarnated Husband

(TheDailyHorn.com) – People respond to the death of a spouse in a variety of ways. Some people start seeing a counselor to help them work through the grieving process. Others may hold an annual event in honor of their lost love. One woman in Cambodia decided to marry a cow.

One year after the death of her husband, Tol Khut, Khim Hang remarried. The 74-year-old came upon a cow on the family farm that she said acted in many of the same ways as her late husband, leading her to believe it was the reincarnation of Tol. She also claimed to be able to feel his spirit within the animal.

Villagers told reporters that Khim married the calf in early December after a lengthy relationship, which began in 2017.

The connection between woman and cow began when the bovine followed her upstairs into her home and licked her neck. It was at that point, she began seeing the connection between the calf and her deceased husband. The widow explained that she cared for the animal as if it were her husband, providing baths, feeding it, and putting it to bed.

Khim told her children they must provide care for the cow for the rest of its life and insisted they treat it as their father. Her son said he believed his mother’s claim and makes sure to keep the cow from wandering away. Khim explained that she will live with the animal for the rest of her life and has ordered her children to arrange a proper funeral upon its death.

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